The historical Process of Canadian Confederation


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32 years old

John Wilson
40 years old
About Me

Hello Im John Wilson and i run work from home uk website, where i review work from home opportunitys and give my honest opinion, I also invite my website visitors to write there own opinion and submit to me there honest reviews.

So if your thinking about starting a work from home opportunity then check us out first and see what other people that have already tried it before have to say about the opportunity.

for more on the site why not visit were at I look forward to seeing you there.



Melissa Miller
33 years old
About Me

I love to travel, hike, bike, read, watch movies, listen to music and meet new people.  I'm a financial planner who helps people who have a bad credit history get back on their feet using non chexsystems banks.

Mike Green
Site Owner
51 years old

Roland Macanamara
About Me

Hi there folks and folkstresses.

I'm Rockin Roland, and heres some info about me -

Favourite Food - Cabbages

Favourite Drink - Elderberry Wine

Favourite Quote - What once was where but now what was once was there instead - read it on a beer mat

My Life

I have led a simple life for many years, but with the local aristocracies recent inovation of OLPT (one laptop per tramp) I have been blessed with the internet for the last 6 months, even though I dont live in a house!

It's really great,  I love learning all kinds of new stuff, and if ever I get some kind of infection or bitten by a random forest bug and break out in a rash, well the internet is there to help me find the answer nowadays.

Obviously the downside for me is the Solar powered batteries, sometimes here in Lapland we dont get sun for a few days, so I cant check my favourite websites all the time.  Keeping my best tabs bookmarked has helped me to come back and read anything I need at a later date.

Another thing I love about the internet is how all these sites share information and love with eachother by way placing Backlinks ( 2291-1buckplr ) for eachother on eachothers sites.

I've learnt a lot about that especially on this Backlinks Forum site.

Here's a little song I learned from the internet and I'd like to share it with you -

Life is greater than the internet

Life is greater, it's everything you've got

Start going your own way


Just be glad with your gift of existence

Don't kill time there's not much left at all

Cause all that counts is now and it is given

In your hands to live and to let grow


There's one greater than the internet

There's one greater, his love is all that counts

He fights for you all day


When you cry no video will help you

When you die no youtube stuff will help

All that counts is that you see you're worthy

Being his beloved and his lost child

37 years old
About Me

Hello all! I live in the UK  in Plymouth (near Gloucester) where I moved to find a job. I'm working as a administrator in some job offers site. I hope I will find here interesting information and people to talk with:)

About Me

About Me